U364SUV Lamp

1. The electronic plate manufactured by our company is designed anddeveloped with long service life and stable performance. Moreover, the servicelife of modulator tube of the same quality is prolonged by 20% compared withother similar UV lamps (the service life of modulator tube is subject to thetube itself and the electronic plate). It is recommended to replace two modulator tubes of our company and twoUV lamps of other brands, make different marks on them and keep them in serviceuntil lamp failure, then compare the service life of the two groups and thencheck the service life of electronic plates by the same method.

2. Thetapetum lucidum applied by our company is twice as thick as similar productsand the viscidity of glue adopted by our company also has better performancethan that of other products.

3. Theplastic shell is fully made of brand-new plastic imported from Russia, thusshowing pure white appearance and sound uvioresistant performance.

Product Comparison

NameJSDA-U364SSimilar Products
Electronic control plate

Manufactured by fully automatic chip mounter (and same devices for manufacturing phone electronic plate), designed with superior stability, service life as long as above three years and small size.

Running with manual plug-ins, with high error rate, poor consistency and stability and service life of 8 months to one year.

Modulator tube socket

  Identical structure with battery socket, rendering excellent multi-point contact performance and mechanical service life as long as above 100,000 times.

Flake structure and rectilinear contact, leading to poor contact and reducing the mechanical service life to roughly 500 times.


4 modulator tubes are arranged in an arc shape with the hand back as the center, making full utilization of light source and thus achieving better baking effect. This structure is a patented one of our company and the company has applied for patent for it.

Modulator tubes on the right and left sides respectively face upwards and the baking effect for thumb and little finger us poor.


The embedded fuse structure assures better safe performance and cleaner appearance.

The external fuse structure is conducive to higher safety dangers due to loosening screws.


  Clean and beautiful baseboard


Tapetum lucidum is made of aviation aluminum.Higher light intensity and double thickness compared with similar products